Petlandia Event Promotion

Summary: In 2013, an independent group of young professionals banded together to create a fundraising board tasked with launching a new event to benefit DoveLewis. I assisted with the promotion of the event, dubbed Petlandia, by utilizing social media and PR.


  • Created a dedicated Facebook page to promote the event online
  • Featured an animal tattoo contest, a “beat my beard” contest and a $1 per like challenge
  • Cross-promoted posts on the DoveLewis Facebook page
  • Designed and wrote a media kit to share with potential event sponsors and news reporters

Fun fact: In less than four months, the Petlandia for Dove Facebook page gained more than 1,000 followers (without spending any Facebook advertising dollars). The event sold out, attracted approximately 450 attendees and raised nearly $17,000 in revenue.