On the Floor @Dove Website Strategy & Content

Summary: As a communications specialist for DoveLewis, I coordinated a website redesign for On the Floor @Dove, in conjunction with our webmaster. We worked with the internal team and web development agency to determine a new site navigation, create a new homepage layout, and incorporate a free trial feature as the first step of the sales funnel. I was responsible for crafting new website content and developing a new sales video to place on the homepage. I also launched a news room for the website.

Strategy: Prioritize user experience goals; focus on generating sales first and foremost. Move away from featuring training content on the homepage and instead incite visitors to initiate the sales process by signing up for free trials. Immediately communicate the value of the product to decision-makers (aka practice managers).

Fun fact: As intended, the redesign led to a direct increase in sales and leads.

On the Floor @Dove website