DoveLewis Fundraising Appeals

Summary: Every year DoveLewis hosts its largest fundraising event, which is attended by approximately 500 of the nonprofit’s top supporters. In 2013, I served as creative director for the event’s appeal video. The goal was to tell a compelling story that would inspire attendees to donate generously.

I wrote a creative brief for the video, identified possible patient stories, interviewed and selected talent, coordinated filming, worked in conjunction with our filming company on style and editing, and served as point-person for all revisions.

Strategy: Highlight one of the hospital’s most vital community programs while also telling a story that animal lovers can relate to and feel invested in. Showcase the perspective of the veterinarian, partner agency, good samaritan rescuer, foster parent and pet owner to illustrate how DoveLewis is part of a larger effort to promote the human-animal bond.

Fun fact: We had one of our most successful years ever, and raised more than $422,000. We heard feedback from attendees that it was the best event to date.

Summary: I also spearheaded the holiday appeal for DoveLewis in 2013 (see below). My role involved identifying/selecting the featured story, ghost writing the letter, and serving as creative director for the corresponding video (see below).

Strategy: Highlight to work of DoveLewis by telling a dramatic story in the voice of the pet owner. Use multiple platforms (including print, email, social media and video) to share the story in numerous ways, more than once.

Fun fact: Sophie, the dog featured in the appeal below, didn’t hesitate to ride in the DoveLewis pedicab, even for a moment. Her mom, Allison, was pretty darn cool too.