DoveLewis Newsletters

Summary: Twice per year, DoveLewis creates a newsletter that is mailed to approximately 16,000 people in the community. As a communications specialist, it was my job to craft compelling stories that helped communicate the importance of the hospital. I identified story options, interviewed clients, staff members and partner agencies, and wrote the features.

Strategy: Documented potential stories on a weekly basis and followed up with veterinary staff regarding which stories they thought should be shared. Used social media metrics to determine which stories would be best received.

Fun fact: As the in-house photographer at DoveLewis, I got to complement written stories with imagery.



2015 DoveLewis Calendar

Summary: I served as the project manager, copywriter and creative director (in partnership with the graphic designer) for the 2015 DoveLewis calendar. This calendar is sold to benefit the nonprofit hospital. I was able to secure a wonderful photographer who kindly agreed to volunteer her time and talent for the project.

Strategy: Tell the multifaceted story of DoveLewis through a range of unique animal models and iconic Portland locations. Make the calendar both inspirational and informative.

Fun fact: Former DoveLewis patient Duncan Lou Who (who also happens to be a two-legged canine celebrity) and his owner Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue attracted quite a crowd during Duncan’s photo shoot.












Burley Product Line Catalog

Summary: During my time as the sole copywriter at a Portland-based advertising agency, I had the pleasure of writing for Burley in a variety of capacities. This particular project involved creating content for their new product catalog (see samples below).

Strategy: This catalog was part of a larger rebranding effort, and it was my job to first help Burley find its brand voice. After interviewing all Burley staff members, touring their facility and conducting industry research on competitors and customers (in collaboration with the rest of the team), I crafted the following philosophy statement, which created a foundation for all other brand messaging:

Here at Burley, we’re really just kids with bigger feet and more responsibilities. We’re not afraid to wear spandex. That’s right, spandex. To us, safe is the new cool. Our idea of a windshield is a pair of sweet, sweet shades. We always pull our own weight—and then some. Curiosity takes us all kinds of crazy places, and our version of a family heirloom is our trailer. We earn our “helmet hair” and wear it proudly. Every so often we get bugs in our teeth. We think umbrellas are ridiculous; feeling the rain on our faces makes us feel alive. Skipping rocks always trumps watching the tube. We do urban, suburban and beyond. But at the end of the day, it’s not about the destination. It’s definitely about the ride.

Fun fact: In order to reduce the cost of the photo shoots for the catalog, we recruited friends and family members (both human and canine) to be catalog models.

Burley Catalog





Clean Water Services TV Commericals

Summary: This television campaign was developed to encourage local residents to adopt key healthy watershed behaviors. It also raised awareness of a very important public utility: Clean Water Services. In addition to writing the three spots and the campaign tagline, I was involved in the concept development and execution of the series (in collaboration with an art director and animation company).

Strategy: Create a simple, action-oriented campaign that resonates with moms, who often serve as the key influencers when it comes to family behaviors/habits.

Fun fact: In order to stay within a relatively tight budget, we utilized drawings created by a friend’s wildly talented, autistic child. We also recruited another friend’s daughter to be our voice talent.

On the Floor @Dove Direct Mail

Summary: During my time managing advertising for On the Floor @Dove (a video-based training website for all kinds of veterinary professionals), I planned, coordinated and executed direct mail campaigns to generate sales and brand awareness.

Strategy: Each direct mail piece was targeted to a specific type of veterinary professional (practice managers, veterinarians or veterinary support staff members). The messages revolved around each group’s particular job struggles and educational needs. We also provided a limited-time offer of discounted website subscription rates, with unique discount codes for tracking purposes.

Fun fact: After some internal deliberation, we decided that it was, in fact, appropriate to show feline testicles on a direct mail piece.

On the Floor @Dove Direct Mail



DoveLewis Public Relations

Summary: As a communications specialist for DoveLewis, I planned, coordinated and executed all public relations efforts for the nonprofit animal hospital.

Strategy: I actively cultivated relationships with reporters and pitched story ideas regularly by writing tailored media releases. I also utilized nontraditional approaches by seeking out mutually beneficial collaborations and partnership opportunities.

Exposure generated:

(Note: The list below includes select coverage only; a complete list can be provided upon request. For samples of media releases, please ask.)

Fun fact: Though less predictable on camera, dogs make excellent interview sidekicks (as long as treats are readily available).

KATU News Coverage for DoveLewis